Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tired, Sleepy Or Creative?

OK, The timestamp says I should be sleeping. I am tired, but not sleepy.

It seems that at times like this, I am at my most creative. Of course there is the chance that I just think I am more creative, as I am so tired every idea seems to be a good one.

Well, lucky enough for me it doesn't seem to happen often enough to qualify as full fledged insomnia. (Or is it just occasional insomnia, which may still count.) So, tomorrow I will be tired more of the day but likely with the little blessing of being sleepy when I should be sleeping.

Of course I am amazed that you have read this far... after all, this post, much as I am, is only a decoy... While you have been reading it, many things have happened in the world that you haven't even noticed. Perhaps even a few things right there in the room with you...

Well I guess my mission as a decoy, is complete now that you have read all the way down here. Besides I am sleepy now, finally... Good night to both of you. ;-)