Friday, September 07, 2007

ROFL - That last post is way too funny...

Considering that today they decided business is to slow and are eliminating all my positions. Ah well, time to find something else for sure now. ;-) Hope to do it sooner, so I will not be posting much while I hit the streets... Not that I have posted much thus far.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


"Why not?" You may think...

Well you could be right but the truth is this; so far you don't even know what I am talking about. (Perhaps that makes two of us.)

Here it is... I have been forced into a career change of sorts, ok I am simply adding to the many hats I wear at work, but this one doesn't fit. It is an area I have no knowledge or experience in and even less desire to pursue, yet I have no real choice if I wish to continue getting paid.

I guess the answers are hidden not to deeply in the previous statements then...

  • To learn new things
  • To continue getting paid
I guess that is to be enough for me.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tired, Sleepy Or Creative?

OK, The timestamp says I should be sleeping. I am tired, but not sleepy.

It seems that at times like this, I am at my most creative. Of course there is the chance that I just think I am more creative, as I am so tired every idea seems to be a good one.

Well, lucky enough for me it doesn't seem to happen often enough to qualify as full fledged insomnia. (Or is it just occasional insomnia, which may still count.) So, tomorrow I will be tired more of the day but likely with the little blessing of being sleepy when I should be sleeping.

Of course I am amazed that you have read this far... after all, this post, much as I am, is only a decoy... While you have been reading it, many things have happened in the world that you haven't even noticed. Perhaps even a few things right there in the room with you...

Well I guess my mission as a decoy, is complete now that you have read all the way down here. Besides I am sleepy now, finally... Good night to both of you. ;-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Free Wireless Internet for LA...

The mayor of Los Angeles wants to provide free wireless high-speed Internet over the entire city. Very cool, I can hardly wait!!! I know when I go into LA I will use it and I am sure many others will as well.

I do however have a problem with his reasons. He states that he want to provide this access, to assist the poor people who can not afford computers. While this is very noble thought, it does leave me wondering if he is also planning on buying computers for those with out them.

Is he going to buy wireless cards & other upgrades needed to get those with old computers up to the standards needed to use his free access?

Is he going to provide city wide tech support to install, maintain and be a help desk for all citizens & aliens?

Is he going to provide laptops for the homeless, so they can take advantage of it as well?

Whatever all of this he is proposing to do, who is going to pay for it all?

I also wonder if there will be a loss of tax revenue from the current Internet service providers who will no longer have much business in LA. I certainly would not continue to pay for a connection, if there was free high-speed available in our city.

Ultimately, it is my opinion that if he does all the things I have suggested he might, he will come close to his stated goal of free high speed Internet for all in LA. But at what cost?

Of course if he does not do all of these things, and instead just builds a free wireless network over the city, who is he really helping?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy New Year


I figured it was better late than never!!!

So busy people blog all the time, what is my deal? I don't know but I am trying to get back to them all.

In the mean time :

Happy New Year!!! (Still on track for any of your resolutions? )